1 Introduction: Approval Workflow Framework

PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) provides capabilities for creating, running, and managing approval processes within PeopleSoft. Approval workflows are triggered when employees, managers or users, submit a transaction, such as Expense Sheet. When the user submits the transaction, the application hands the transaction over to the Approval Workflow Engine. The AWE will determine the appropriate approval process definition and then launch the required routing based on the pre-configured steps.

Approval Framework provides capabilities to perform the following:

  • Approve or deny individual line items in a transaction.
  • Approve or deny multiple transactions one at a time.
  • Include multiple approvers for individual steps.
  • Assign additional approvers and reviewers during the approval process.
  • Escalate approvals.
  • Approve, deny, or push back approvals.
  • Reassign approval tasks to another approver.
  • Use worklist and email notifications.