Accessing PeopleSoft Application

To access your PeopleSoft application, you need to make sure that 3 major components for PIA are up.

  • PeopleSoft Database
    • PeopleSoft Database should be up and accessible from application server and process scheduler machines.
  • PeopleSoft Application Server
    • Application needs to be properly configured and booted.
  • PeopleSoft Web Server
    • Web Server should have proper configuration to connect to application server (App server host and JSL port configured).

End user will use web browser to connect to webserver which in turn will send the request to application server. Below is the URL format that will be used to access PeopleSoft:




e.g. http://server1:8080/psp/ps/?cmd=login



http and https port no. were provided when configuring the PIA domain. You can also configure your system to hide the actual webserver name by using additional proxy servers.

To login to your PeopleSoft application, you can use super user IDs (such as PS or VP1). Make sure these IDs are unlocked. Accessing the PeopleSoft application for the first time might take some time as webserver and application server builds cache.