Exercise 2 - Record Group

In PeopleSoft, we have large number of records. In order to control the access of data by various Business units, PeopleSoft provides the grouping of these records.

For example, Record Group FS_02 defines edit tables related to Calendars. Record Group FS_26 defines edit tables related to Locations. Record Group AR_02 defines edit tables related to the Accounts Receivable Aging.

The structure of Record Groups is core to the feature of PeopleSoft known as TableSet sharing. Business Units are often defined with reference to a default SetID.

Let’s assume that MAXUS BU wants to use a list of vendors which is separate from MAXUK. So we will define vendors separately on SetIds MAXUS and MAXUK, instead of common SetId MAX. Now, for MAXUS we will update TableSet Controls to MAXUS for Record group related to vendor.

Exercise 2 - Record Group.pdf